Wavey D Photography

Wavey D:



Visual Artist


Through the looking glass our guy Wavey D captures true emotion with his photography. With his work he captures more than just a image, whether there is a caption or not you can truly feel how the moment or emotions of his subjects felt when the shot was captured. Whether portrait work or artistic views of our hometown of Baltimore, Maryland; Wavey has used his Instagram to create a project full of amazing analog film photographs showcasing a form of his art that is not used as much in our technologically fast paced world. He then utilizes the IG stories feature to showcase his daily digital works. Wavey embodies our motto of being "Unapologetically You" through his constant experimentation, his need to go outside of the box with his passion for capturing life through his eyes as he sees it. You can find the link to his project below so as our guy says "Can You Dig It?"