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28 Year Old Musician & Self-described Gearhead Andrew Heid (Creatively known as Dolo Moretti) has been creating music of all genres since graduating high school in 2008. Playing in different bands early on followed by a career as a solo hiphop artist from 2011-2016 he has spread his reach playing shows across the east coast as well as performing at SXSW in 2016. He then took a 2 year hiatus from music to go back to school for Motorsports Mechanics and spend time learning more about his second passion cars/motorcycles as a way to show his philosophy of never sticking to just one thing and to do what you love everyday. He created the Casa De Dolo brand in 2015 as a way to bring all of his passions under one roof, where he and the other creatives he works with can have a home for their talents.

Current Custom Projects:

1989 Yamaha XV750 Café Bobber


Latest Music:

C'est La Vie (2016)

FireSauce (2018)


For Custom Project Inquires: