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This page will detail all our Custom Werks projects from the CDD familia lead by Andrew Heid (Dolo Moretti). With a formal degree in Motorsports Mechanics & years of growing experience with fixing/tuning cars and motorcycles of different shapes and sizes, this page will focus on the second passion of our Ceo/Owner.

Our overall goal for the CDD CustomWerks projects are to create a machine that can represent someone's lifestyle. A machine with character that can bring an emotion the same way a picture can say a thousand words. We like to take on making something undesirable, admirable; the unwanted, sought after. We want to create something that not only eats rubber, but looks damn good doing so. As our portfolio grows we hope to build timeless pieces that someone will cherish and talk about at local meets throughout the world.



1989 Yamaha XV750 Café Bobber

After 19 months & 10 days, what started as a non running bone stock 1989 XV750 became a test of the formal skills and patience of our guy Andrew Heid as we set out to turn the late 80's 750cc V-Twin Cruiser into something that could catch eyes in the flashy world we live in today. We looked to give the feel of a beach bike. Keeping the purple color of the tank that came on the bike, Real wood veneer for the side panels, and a cafè style double seat perfect for cruising through your local beach town on a sunny day.

In order to get the bike running again we rebuilt the gunked up carburtors, cleaned out rusty gas tank, and let the battery charge overnight which got the bike running again. The old airbox was then removed and replaced with a foam racing filter which required us to re-jet and tune the carburetors to tolerate the deletion of the airbox and higher performing filter. We replaced the old brake lines with SS Lines and rebuilt the entire front brake system which gave us the most grief out of getting the bike going.

All the old cables were swapped for new ones, we replaced the turn signals and swapped the brake/tag light with a compact LED. The mirrors were then replaced with bar ends mounted off a set of Kuryakyn IsoGrips, the old seat cover was replaced with a Café style cover & new padding. We wanted to do something different, so a easy one was we wanted to make winter or long storage charging easy by adding a 12v charger port mounted next to the tool pouch under the left sidecover.

We then focused on the look of the bike. We removed the old bicycle style bars for a set of flat bars to give the bike a more aggressive riding position. The fenders were chopped and painted black, we then refinished the sidecovers with a Movingue(Zebrawood) Wood Veneer that we waterproofed to tolerate getting stuck in a rain shower. We finished off with a black ceramic coat on the headers & muffler to blend it into the already black frame.

With only 13,000 Miles on the odometer this bike has plenty life to go, with fresh fluids and rubber this bike is ready for cruising the beach or winding back roads.

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CDD CustomWerks Project 01

1989 Yamaha XV750 Cafè Bobber


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Odometer: 14,000 Miles

-Renthal Flat Bars

-Kuryakyn Iso Grips

-D2Moto Bar End Mirrors

-Oxford Mini Turn Signals

-Acerbis LED Brake/Tag Light

-Carburetors Rebuilt & Rejetted with DynoJet Kit and Jets from

-Gas Tank Cleaned

-UNI Filters Performance Foam Intake Filter

-Dunlop Front & Rear Tires with less than 1k Miles on them.

-Russell SS Brake Lines

-Master Cylinder & Calipers Rebuilt

-New EBC Front Pads

-New MotionPro Throttle Cables

-New MotionPro Clutch Cable

-New OEM Exhaust Gaskets & Silencer Rings

-Fresh Oil & KN Oil Filter

-New Final Drive Oil

-Powerlet 12v Charge Port

-Movingue Wood(Nigerian Satinwood) Veneer Side Panels

-New Café Style Double Seat

-Chopped & Painted Fenders

-Flat Black Ceramic Coating on Headers & Muffler

-Two Optional CDD CustomWerks Stickers to apply at buyer's discretion.

-One CasaDeDolo King Skully Shirt. 


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Andrew @