Our Story.

Casa De Dolo is the result of the past 4 years of building a unique brand that strives to represent anyone living their life how they want and to the fullest. What started as just a idea for a clothing line behind the music of our Founder/CEO Baltimore, Maryland born Musician/Custom Builder Andrew Heid known creatively as Dolo Moretti in 2014 has evolved into a grander design through his and our growing family's passions that we hope to grow toward in the years to come by expanding further than just music & clothing.

In 2016 Andrew took a two year hiatus from creating music to focus his time and energy on learning more about his second passion for fast machines. Taking formal classes on Motorsports Mechanics and spending day and night researching, learning, and cranking away at his first custom project; our 1989 Cafè Bobber Yamaha XV750. While still a musician at heart, he will continue to record and release music while he focuses on his CustomWerks aspect of the Casa De Dolo. In 2017 we linked with our good friends Verge & Wavey adding even more dimensions to the house with new faces we believe truly embody our motto with their dreams and talents. As we work toward a eventual physical location you will be seeing more from them as well.

Our overall goal for the CDD CustomWerks projects are to create a machine that can represent someone's lifestyle. A machine with character that can bring an emotion the same way a picture can say a thousand words. We like to take on making something undesirable, admirable. We want to create something that not only eats rubber, but looks classy doing so. As our portfolio grows we hope to build timeless pieces that someone will cherish and want to talk about at the local meets throughout the world.

A way to show to others that you are "Unapologetically You"